wire products production leader in Macedonia and South Eastern Europe wider region

BRAKO with 2,100 tons wire products production and 560 employees, is dedicated to highest products quality and assortment variety.
BRAKO also runs its own production facility on the Danube pier in Panchevo, Serbia, BRAKO - FEROPRODUCT.

Our Renewable Energy Products

In addition to wire products, BRAKO manufactures medical equipment and assistive devices, telecommunication infrastructure, freight trailers, conveyor belts, as well as production of cases for Pelton and Francis turbines for small hydro power plants.

Turbine Housing

Sluice Gates

Trash Racks

Pipes and Fitting Elements

BRAKO in Numbers

Today BRAKO is a modern, export oriented company, with production of 500 tons of wired products per month. BRAKO's products are sold on EU markets, Japan, USA as well as the markets in Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and other countries on a daily basis.

Wire Products (t)
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Pelton and Francis Turbines (pcs)