• We work to ensure your system is up and running by developing custom solutions, minimazing costs, and reducing outage times
  • We streamline your maintenance and reduce risks, thus allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Training sessions conducted by leading-edge experts to enhance the knowledge and skills of plant employees. Our services include not only technical support, but also assessment and consultation
Maintenance Contracts
Contracts for inspections of electrical equipment
Inspections Performed

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Increased System Availability

The maintenance of hydro power plants is a complex operational, logistic, and technical process, which is significantly influenced by the location, transport, and communications. The EMS programmed management of small hydro power plants guarantees the proper fulfillment of all legal, technical as well as technological responsibilities, and at the same time it guarantees the safety of people on all locations. EMS maintenance experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability, availability, and efficiency of power generation equipment.

Project Description

  • Preventive and regular maintenance
  • Technical inspection
  • Delivery and fitting of spare parts
  • From simple repairs to general overhauls to the original state of the EM euipment
  • Emergency support

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient customized solutions
  • Increasing lifecycle and availability
  • A service agreement gives the security of always having consultation and assistance when its need
  • Reduced outage time and longer-running machines
  • Ensure reliable day-to-day operation of your plant