• To stay one step ahead, we are always developing new methodologies for efficient data analysis, diagnostics and early detection of failures.
  • Diagnostics of specific parameters and comparison of the measured values with the expected behavior depending on specific plant conditions and machine operation modes.
  • Full remote control and monitoring contracts, including complete administration of the hydro power plant.
Monitoring contracts
Installed capacity of operating plants (MW)
Signal Flow per second

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24/7 Safe and Reliable Operation

To provide for plant safety, the primary task of monitoring is to identify the plant’s individual optimum condition, recognize imminent damage early on and optimize modes of operation. In the EMS Monitoring Center we operate the hydropower plants efficiently and cost-effectively over its entire life cycle

Project Description

  • Data analysis and diagnostics
  • Remote tuning of operational parameters
  • Remote operation of hydropower plants
  • Our team is available 24/7 for support with remote diagnostics of the failure
  • Various types of reports according to customer needs

Customer Benefits

  • 24/7 safe and reliable operation
  • Access to plant information at any time
  • Outage reduction
  • Efficient analysis of process values and alarms
  • Proactive and cost-efficient