SHPP Jablanica

  • FeroInvest delivered a complete customized turnkey solution and was responsible for engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning of the plant.
  • With a power output of 3.8 megawatts, the plant can generate approximately 12 million kWh each year and thus supply electricity to 5,600 homes.
  • Flexibility and experience of the EMS team ensured 24/7 operation and maintenance
Annual Electricity Supply (MWh)
Annual Reduction of CO2 (t)
Maximum Power Operation (h)

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Electricity for 5.600 Homes

FeroInvest commissioned the plant in 2015 and supplied the complete control system including turbine automation for the optimal operation.

Project Description

  • Installed water flow of 2.4 m3/s with gross head of 177m
  • Complete electro-technical solution for six-nozzle Pelton-turbine rated at 3.800 kW
  • 36 kV switchgear, 4.100 kVA transformer
  • Engineering, supply, installation, and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment
  • Integration into the central control system (Monitoring center)

Customer Benefits

  • Customized turnkey solution
  • Comprehensive electro-technical solution
  • Cost-competitive, environmentally friendly renewable energy
  • Field services and inspections
  • Spare parts, wear parts, and consumables