FeroInvest PVPP Portfolio

The sector of photovoltaic power plants (PVPP) in FeroInvest is the sector with the greatest potential for growth and development within the group.

In accordance with the national, regional, European and world trends for increasing the production of electricity from renewable sources and enabling the increase of production of the electricity in the Republic of North Macedonia from the photovoltaic power plants, as a country with excellent solar radiation, Fero Invest in the last few years, has especially devoted to the development of this sector. Maintenance of the photovoltaic panels and other infrastructure within the power plant, at a professional level and with high quality.

PV Plants

On average, North Macedonia has about 280 sunny days and excellent solar radiation, but insufficient utilization of this natural resource. We are actively working to use solar energy to create electricity for the needs of the economy and citizens.

Anticipated yearly production

CO2 yearly reduction

Central Invest

FEC Trkanje - 15.000 MWh

32.000 tons

Vitalia Nikola DOO

FEC Vitalia - 410 MWh

620 tons


FEC Leskop - 240,81 MWh

300 tons

Modna Grupacija INT

FEC INT - 470,5 MWh

588 tons

DPTU Brako DOO Veles

FEC Brako - 608,76 MWh

870 tons

PVPP Numbers

Feroinvest PVPP offers a complete turnkey service for the construction of photovoltaic power plants: planning, design, construction, network connection, commissioning.
For the needs of our company, we have so far built two photovoltaic power plants: in Kochani with an installed capacity of 8 MW and on the roof of the Brako factory with an installed capacity of 500 MW, and in addition we have successfully completed three power plants for our associates on the roofs of their factories. A dozen other projects are underway, all over Macedonia, which will end in the first half of 2023.

Instaled Capacity (MWh)
Annual production of electricity (MWh)
Annual reduction of CO2 (t)