FeroInvest Turnkey Solutions

offers individual solution for each client.
From the initial feasibility study, through final design project, construction and installation, up to commission and electrical energy production control, with 24/7 monitoring system for prompt reaction.

Our main goal is to provide you with high level of return of investment, while minimizing the overall risk of a portfolio, with possibility of providing you with lifetime hydropower management.

From Water to Clean Energy

FeroInvest Turnkey Solutions optimizes the hydropower investments processes and investments in other sources of renewable energy. Consulting, Engineering, Maintenance and Monitoring.

Procurement of Electro-mechanical equipment

Work in close collaboration with advanced procurement managers to ensure purchasing strategy is applied from the design phase. Our scope of supply covers all necessary components of a plant such as turbines, valves, generators, transformers, all kind of switchgears, control and protection systems and all power plants auxiliary systems.


We customize each solution regarding design and equipment to reach the best solution for each client. Optimizing the best solution for every situation - based on our experience and model tests. Designing the turbine housings, runners, low voltage cubicles and control and protection systems.


Production of the turbines on latest CNC machines in our factory - Brako and low voltage cubicles - EMS


Installation of the equipment is done by electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians with huge experience in this field. We offer complete equipment, installation and services for hydroelectric power plants


Testing the installed Electro-Mechanical Equipment on the worst case scenarios is performed by experienced engineers.


The commissioning process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the equipment

FeroInvest Turnkey Solutions Numbers

FeroInvest has already 45 contracts for turnkey projects in Macedonia, Georgia and Kosovo.
FeroInvest is the partner whom you can trust. In every moment we can provide complete maintenance and spare parts supply services. We react fast, work efficient and cost-effective, and always in the best interest of the client.

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